Let’s Talk Abortion

There is a general logic behind the existence of human-kind in the universe. The logic is human is born to reproduce and continue its generation. Not only humans but animals also have to reproduce because of their sexual instincts. However, we now have birth control and abortion which allows us more control over when and how many babies we will have. Thanks to the advancement in technology to control our own reproduction.

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I believe that every pregnancy should be wanted rather than an excuse saying it happened accidentally. Don’t you think this excuse is leading to global warming! I mean the planet Earth is already overpopulated and polluted resulting to natural disasters and unknown diseases which will definitely in the future will be a leading reason behind extinction of humans from the Earth. The main reason behind this is due to unwanted pregnancies. The best solution to control our population is to terminate pregnancies which are unwanted.

Thank God! We are in the society where we have the technology to control our own reproduction. This has provided us an advantage to control our own body and have babies when you are ready. This has helped us to have children by choice not chance.

Abortion is also an issue of personal choice. People should have access to safe and legal abortion. When we talk about abortion, we have to face various questions which are linked with social, cultural and religious sentiments. However, the people who arguing about abortion never think about a woman who has to face numerous difficulties to decide and go for termination on her own choice. Someone asked me: Who should make that choice? Her family, husband, state, friends, service providers or herself? The answer is so simple, it’s her body and she has all control on her body which is her human right, then the choice to terminating her unwanted pregnancy, ultimately, needs to be her.

Abortion is not only women’s issue. Whenever I have discussion regarding abortion, people forget that men should be also involved equally. They always rise a question “What if I (man) wanted the pregnancy? Where is my (man) saying on taking decision not to abort?”. This is really painful when people (especially men) do not understand the issue. They should empathize the situation to learn more about personal choice and freedom. I believe that reproduction is a personal right and that it is no one’s business other than the women to make that choice. People should respect and support a woman;s right to have a baby as well as her right to not have one.

Another hot issue you face while you stand for abortion is: Abortion is murder. For god sake please grow up. I am afraid there are people who will punish woman for wasting her eggs very month in the form of menstrual bleeding as eggs are important reason behind life. If we really care about life, why we are silent about Syrian war. Many children have been killed and affected by the war. Is that not murder? If you really care about the life of a fetus not the live one in Syria then please do not argue with me on abortion being murder.


safe abortion-10The religious sentiment on abortion is its being immoral. If this is immoral than why don’t you promote family planning. Every time you can’t only object. You need to support as well. If you think abortion is immoral and it is sin then why don’t you preach about use of any form of contraception. This will help to reduce abortion. The less women get pregnant, the less abortions you have. So simple! If you do so, I rally do not have to disagree with you.

imagesPeople come with the idea of adoption when I start to talk about abortion. Oh really, adoption! Is this the real solution? Forget it!! People who object to abortion they really do not care about the welfare of child after it’s born. These people take pregnancy as the punishment for woman. They are indeed sick people who do not support sex, contraception and abortion. Do you believe that we have awesome adoption law that will sort the issue of unwanted child after it’s born? If you really believe that adoption is the solution then request people to be fair and healthy without racist or sexist while adopting a child.

Abortion is not an easy choice to make. Women go through obstacles and challenges to finally choose abortion as an option to move ahead. I guess you do not want a 16 year girl to become mother before she completes her study. You do not want to be pregnancy that results from rape and incest. Also, you do not want to carry your pregnancy at the age of 50.

Therefore, respect the choice a woman makes. I just want her choice to be safe and legal. I request all to talk about abortion and preach accurate information about it. Always support women, to access safe and legal abortion rather than from back street quack doctors.












Body Shamming Culture 

IMG_1095Body shamming is not the one opt from anywhere. It’s in our culture. Born with dark skin is a kind of embarrassment to your family and yourself of body shamming culture in your society. There is not anything which says body shamming culture but you face it each and every time you hit the street, events and mostly more in family functions. Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? Magazines constantly offer tips about how to lose weight “in days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections”… without actually knowing anything about us, much less our appearance. This is one example of body-shaming, and it is everywhere.

 I still remember my childhood and my relatives called me “Kali”. This means girl with dark skin. The motivated part of it is you resemble to the GODDESS KALI. In my school days, I had a teacher with dark skin. My friends used to tease me being darker in skin ton than theirs. My teacher heard about that and he said, “at least we are born with color”. WOW….. after this I started to compare myself with Goddess Kali and her daring stories of bravery. It actually did not matter to me as my mother told me I got the skin color from my grandmother. What else I expect than this… as I am compared to KALI and my Grandmother. But each time Someone commented on my skin color I hide on my mother’s lab and she always convinced me with various reasons which indeed inspired me. This meant I always need reason to face criticism. It was hard sometime. The best part is I learnt to face these criticism whether it on my skin color, my weight and my height. I love my body image.

 Due to body shaming culture, I have been skipping family functions. It’s really disturbing when your relatives come to and instead of asking about your education and career, they jumped on your body weight and prohibit you to eat. They never share what could be the best solution to get rid of fat in the body but they tease you with satires. The most popular one is “oh your weight; you won’t get good marriage proposal” & ” boys like skinny girls rather than heavy weight”.

Your Reflection Does not Define Your Worth

No matter how body shamming manifests like criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person (I’m so ugly compared to her), it often leads to comparison and shame, and perpetuates the idea that people should be judged mainly for their physical features.

 These days, beginning with puberty, females are TWICE as likely to experience depression as males. This is directly associated with our objectifying culture, which leads us to evaluate and control our bodies in terms of our sexual desirability above all else. Similarly, media has been dangerously sexualizing women and girls and it has given the false impression that to be attractive, popular and interesting you must be skinny and hyper-feminine. Globally there is a body acceptance movement today which attempts to combat the negative stereotypes around women and men who are conventionally considered overweight or obese. Body shamming is now a culture which has been in grained in our system that the coming generations are prone to risk behavior. Instead of body shamming we should accept the culture of respecting and communicating about loving ones body.

Replace judgement and criticism with love