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I prefer to call myself a social worker in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). I am also a feminist with a graduate degree in Gender Studies from Tribhuwan University, Nepal and a bachelor’s degree in environmental science. I am passionate about working for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights, especially safe abortion. I am currently working as youth consultant for Ipas Nepal, an international NGO that works for women’s sexual and reproductive health, rights and access. Also I am a Youth Champion of Asia Safe Abortion Partnership.

I have awesome experience working with heterogeneous groups of young people from different parts of Nepal and I say young people are experts on their own needs. I strongly believe that there should not be stigma for young people based on age, sexuality, gender, SRHR and abortion. I believe that abortion care for young women should be participatory and should recognize that young women are not just beneficiaries of services but key stakeholders in their own health care.

As I work with young people I have named my blog “Kumari: A Feminist”. Kumari is a living goddess of Nepal. The word “Kumari” is derived from Sanskrit word “Kaumarya” meaning Virgin, and can be used to connote all young unmarried girls in Nepal. Kumari is considered to be the female incarnation of Goddess Talegu, from my own community Shakya and Bajracharya. On the one hand young girls in Nepal are treated as goddess, and on the other sex selective abortion is also popular.

I feel very privileged to be able to name my blog after a tradition in Nepal. My blog showcases my work with young people and what I observe through the lens of gender and feminism in my day to day life . Hope you will read “Kumari: A feminist.”!

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