Kusma bridge is the tourist attraction in Parbat district. Kusma is a municipality and the headquarters of Parbat District in Nepal.

Kusma Bazaar is the main attraction of Kusma which seats in the inclined narrow strip on the top of two river’s banks, Kaligandaki and Modi. It begins from the base of Durlung hill from where it stretches to Chhamahrke toward Baglung in the North West and to Chuwa VDC towards Pokhara in the eastern-north. Kusma bazaar’s long narrow strip ends to the south where two rivers Kaligandaki from northwestern side and Modi from north-eastern side meet each other. The Kusma bridge joins Kusma to another village Gyadichour on the other side of a deep gorge. Gyadichour is a small village, which is also a birthplace of many scientists, doctors,artists, engineers, administrators, politicians and highly creative people. Many people come to Kushma just to walk over the bridge.

img_6584 Kusma – Balewa is the tallest suspension bridge in the country. It is also supposed as the longest suspension bridge in the hilly country Nepal. Kushma Balewa suspension bridge is the Nepal’s highest suspension bridge. Or say, it is the tallest suspension bridge in Nepal. After constructing of the bridge, there are 500 to 1000 passenger daily using this bridge. It has given another benefit for the villagers of this region.


The municipality Kushma is also known as the home of mysterious Gupteswor cave.


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