Youth Advocacy Institute & Fertility Dance

Tell me which part of your body you love the most? The answers would be: Eyes-it helps me to see beautiful scenario in Colombo; My nose- it helps me to breathe warm breeze of Indian sea in Sri Lanka; My legs: it helps me to travel wherever I want; My hair: my pictures look amazing with my black & long hair. And what about your genitals??? emmm…. GENITALS? WHAT ESPECIAL ABOUT THAT?? well….. never thought about this….

It has been always great to be part of Youth Advocacy Institute every year organized by Asia Safe Abortion Partnership. This time it is in Sri Lanka. The time for reunion with senior Youth Champions and ASAP team. The joyful venture to meet rising SRHR advocates from various countries. YAI always motivate me to keep on working in SRHR field and advocating for women’s right to safe and legal abortion. This year I am here as peer facilitator and got wonderful opportunity to co-facilitate session on Reproduction and Contraception with Dr. Suchitra.

Coming back to genital organs and the embarrassment to pronounce the part of our genitals in front of other people. We are youth champions. We have taken responsibility to aware 1000s of young people back home regarding their SRH needs, rights and access to services and information. How could we be embarrassed to say “PENIS”, “SPERMS”, “VAGINA” ??? We should shout it loud and inspire people to demystify the myths related to these terminologies.

I believe unless you know the subject in reality it would be difficult to teach other people. After introductory session on reproduction & contraception, we moved to a session which termed as “FERTILITY DANCE”. A huge uterus was drawn on the floor. This session is generally a role play. Lets do this…. what… lets have sex….. well I am kidding…. but lets learn reproduction and mechanism on women’s body. Various cheats were distributed to youth champions which says IUCD, IMPLANT, OCP, CONDOM, PENIS, OVA, SPERMS, etc. Now they had to enact the characters.

Talking about sperms, they are active, fast and clever as they have to fertilize ova for reproduction. IUCD, its probably T-shaped and has to be fitted in the uterus in T shape and fight with sperms. Hormonal contraceptives like OCP, IMPLANT and Shot they could hold ova so tight that it won’t be able to release in Fallopian tube. The enthusiastic YCs acted so well that the session turned to be fun and infotainment.

This session is in deed interesting and full of energy. This helps you to understand how fertilization takes place in uterus and how a woman conceive. Even convincing when you facilitate session to women’s groups, youth groups, mother’s groups to make them understand the mechanism and clear their myths related to contraceptives, safe abortion pills and other.

To know more about Youth Advocacy Institute click here.


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