Meri Saathi Free Helpline

“Meri Saathi” in English means “My Friend”. This is the term used for a helpline number. Sunaulo Parivar Nepal, implementing partner of Marie Stopes International Nepal operates a helpline center which provide counseling about sexual and reproductive health issues irrespective to age, caste, gender, religion and ethnicity. They have trained and skilled service providers who receive the calls and counsel. Meri Saathi helpline number is free of cost which is operated from Sunday to Friday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Recently they have updated their hour of operation.

Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm 

Sunday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Sunaulo Parivar Nepal operated 36 static service centers on Family Planning and Safe Abortion Services in 32 districts which are authorized under Government of Nepal. Meri Saathi Free Helpline was started three years back with only few numbers of callers who could be counted on fingers. The trained counselors have been available to discuss a wide range of issues including birth control, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections including HIV & AIDS, and other aspects of reproductive health. It offers objective information and the support necessary for callers to make personal and private decisions.

Helpline logo

Meri Saathi Free Helpline Number:

16600119756 (NTC) & 9801119756 (NCELL)

SPN/MSIN’s Meri Saathi Free Helpline deals with issues of sexual and reproductive health ans rights, in a non-judgmental, compassionate and professional manner so that callers found it easy to talk openly about their concerns and problems. All Calls to Meri Saathi Free Helpline are anonymous, completely confidential and 100% free.

Logo with New Schedule

The Meri Saathi helpline provides information, counseling and referrals on a range of sexual and reproductive health issues. All calls received on the helpline are documented properly in order to provide a high quality of service to callers. Meri Saathi Free Helpline also provides counseling on Safe abortion. As SPN/MSIN has its own service delivery channels as static centers and outreach camps, the counselors in helpline refers these centers for services. They also refer callers to health post, sub health post and district hospitals if there is no static centers of SPN/MSIN in that particular area or place.

Over the time period, it has been observed that the number of callers being increasing day by day. Most of the young people 15-25 years old are the prime callers for their sexual and reproductive concerns. SPN/MSIN has their own marketing strategy for promoting Meri Saathi free Helpline. The Meri Saathi Free helpline number has been massively promoted through centers in districts, outreach camps on LARC (long Action Reversible Methods), Sterilization Camps, Social media, radio program.

The Meri Saathi Free Helpline recently celebrated its third Anniversary on December, 2014. I would like to congratulate the them for their wonderful effort to reach people in rural areas as well for SRHR issues by maintaining privacy.

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6 thoughts on “Meri Saathi Free Helpline

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  2. i had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 5th may but i ate birth control pills 49 hours after intercourse. then i got bleeding on 12th may for 4 days and also on 15th may which last for 2 days. I am unsure about its my normal bleeding or just spotting while i had my last period on 25th april. I have been having some pregnancy symptoms like tenderness in breast,constipation,thick vaginal discharge. I am afraid that i might have been pregnant.

  3. mero gf ra ma 17 barsa ko xau, hami bata anjaan ma sex vayo , sex garda hamle kunai pani contraceptives use garenam, tara sperm chai vaira usko thigh ma jharyo ,ani usle etikai ma kapada laisakexin , tyo usko kapada ma lagexa , maile suneko the sperm vagina ko close ma hunxa vane bachha huna sakxa k yo true ho? ani aila uni mins vairako xainin k garne hola kei upaye painxa ki

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