#Selfies4School Campaign

I am supporting this wonderful campaign #Selfies4School Campaign. It says:

If your selfie could change 10 lives, would you share it with us?

Share a selfie and send 10 girls to school. #Selfies4School


This campaign by breakthrough which is attempting to connect working women and men and professionals across India’s metropolises- Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi to start conversations and foster dialogue around early marriage resolving to keep adolescent girls in school longer, delaying their age to marriage. If urban women and men feel a connect with a social issue like early marriage (that is largely perceived to be a rural problem), the higher are the chances that they will use their power influence peer group conversations and call to action to promote the importance of receiving an education- which in turn will decrease the likelihood of early marriage.

The key message inherent is that keeping girls in school and enabling them through knowledge will help acquire life skills that are critical to making them productive members of the society and delaying possibilities of early marriage.

UNICEF reports suggest that India accounts for 47% child brides across the world. Eleven states in India continue to record high incidences of marriage of girls before they are legally of age. While early marriage is perceived as largely as rural phenomenon, research shows that it is also prevalent in urban and peri-urban areas in India. According to the Union Health Ministry’s Family Welfare Statistics 2011, for every woman aged below 18 getting married in urban centers, three women are doing so in rural areas. The problem is deeply entrenched in tradition, girls being perceived as burden, unwillingness of the family to invest in her future and education, lack of infrastructure to keep girls in schools-all these factors contribute to the low value of girls in society.

For further information please visit website.

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Here are sample of tweets:

Once you have participated in the blogathon, please share it on Twitter. You can use the following text for the same.

1) I took part in @breakthrough‘s blogathon for the #Selfies4School campaign. (attach blog link) Pitch in your ideas! (attach the poster)

What is the campaign about?

 2) @breakthrough’s #Selfies4School campaign aims to send 25k girls in school, delaying #earlymarriage. Send a selfie! http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 3) Investing in education is key strategy to address #earlymarriage.Your contribution changes 10 lives #Selfies4School http://brkth.ru/selfies4school  

 If you sent your selfie, please use the following tweet to share with your followers

 4) 1 selfie sends 10 girls to school, hence delaying their early marriage. I sent mine. You do it too. #Selfies4School http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 5) Share a selfie to power a journey to school. For 1 selfie, @vodafoneIN_Fdtn sends 10 girls to school #selfies4school http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 6) #StatOfTheDay India has the most child brides in the world, with 47% married under the age of 18. #Selfies4School http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 Sample FB posts

 Once you have participated in the blogathon, please share it on your Facebook page. You can use the following text for the same.

 1) I participated in the #Selfies4School blogathon. This is my blog post (attach your blog link). To know more, please click  http://brkth.ru/selfies4school (attach the call for contributions poster)

 Information about #Selfies4School campaign

 2) Do you know school drop out rate is directly proportional to early marriage? According to UNICEF, 5.8% of girls in the age group 6-17 years in rural areas dropped out of school as they got married. Share a selfie to power a journey to school. For every selfie shared, Vodafone Foundation will send 10 girls to school #selfies4school http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 3) #Stats: If present trends continue, 142 million girls will be married before their 18th birthday over the next decade. That’s an average of 14.2 million girls each year. We can do something to make a difference. Click here to know more #Selfies4School http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 4) According to UNICEF, 47% of girls are married by 18 years of age, and 18% are married by 15 years of age. These marriages are often performed without the consent of the girls. How can you help? Click here to know more http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 If you have sent your selfie, please let your friends know and encourage them to participate as well. You may use the following text on Facebook.

 5) #​Selfies4School campaign aims to talk about how educating girls can be a positive step in the direction of preventing girls from being married off early before they are physically and mentally prepared for it. I sent my selfie, did you? http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 6) I participated in the #Selfies4School campaign. The campaign aims to send 25k girls in school hence delaying their chance of early marriage. Send your selfie and be a part of the change. YOUR SELFIE CAN CHANGE 10 LIVES. Power a girl’s journey to school #Selfies4School  http://brkth.ru/selfies4school

 So let us join the campaign. Your selfie would mean a lot for a girl to continue with her education and decide to delay her marriage. 


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