A SRHR Letter

Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum Library (BYIFL) organized “Five Days Peer Education Training on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Facilitation Skill” from 20-24th June, 2014. There were 25 young participants who were very new entrance to the field of SRHR. Most of them were below 20 years old and had little information regarding SRHR components like human rights, puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, contraception, HIV, abortion, etc. All the participants just appeared their School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examination.

The participants after gaining basic information on sexual and reproductive health rights were requested to write a letter to their younger brothers and sisters or cousin who are just entering to their puberty. Here are the pictures of the participants preparing postcards and letter for their younger brothers and sisters on first teenage birthday!!

It was really wonderful moment when young participants read their cards and expressed their emotion and joy related to their teenage. Most of them talked about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. One of them in her card quoted, “Menstruation is natural process. It is sign of fertility. It means as you get your menstrual period then you are capable to conceiving.” Likewise one of the male participants talked about “menstrual bleeding is not impure blood. This is myth in our society which has led violence against women during their menstrual time by making them stay out of their house and not providing them nutritious food.”


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