Youth Led Organization: BYIFL

In my previous blogs I have talked about Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum Library (BYIFL). But I have never given the overview of this local youth led NGO based in Bhaktapur, Nepal. I am ex-president of this youth information center. My experiences and motivation to work in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights was initiated from BYIFL. Here is a short introduction to BYIFL in my words.

TEAM picture

TEAM picture

Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum Library, BYIFL is al local NGO in Bhaktapur city which was established in 2064 B.S/ 2005. It was known as Bhaktapur youth sports club still 2004 and later it was supported by Family Planning Association of Nepal, Valley Branch through its VASTILITO and FINISH project for the young girls. In 2005 it got its own identify and was established as independent NGO in local community Lakolachhen-12.

Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum Library, BYIFL works in five thematic areas related to young people’s Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights. The five thematic areas are:

  • Adolescent
  • Access
  • Advocacy
  • Abortion
  • HIV&AIDs

It has been involved in annual programs of FPAN, Valley branch and its most of the work are dedicated to empowering young girls and women regarding their sexual and reproductive health and rights. BYIFL is a volunteer organization which has more than 100 members. It is a youth led organization. Most of the members are girls. Even the board members are all young girls (16-27) years old. Family Planning Association of Nepal, Central office has recognized BYIFL as “the model Youth Information Centre in Nepal”. It is also known as “best youth information center in South Asia among member association of IPPF/SARO”. BYIF also was awarded as “Best Community Based Organization”.

Principle value: BYIFL is a youth led organization. BYIFL’s decision-makers include youth between the age group of 16-27 only. It is governed and run by youth of the same age. However, it also aims to create youth adult partnership in several issues. BYIFL is committed to work with and for youths regardless of their origin, area, ethnicity, race, religion and political belief. We believe in Sexual and reproductive health & rights education, information and services to young people.

Vision: BYIFL envisions a situation whereby youth, as indispensable change agents, are valued partners in decision making at all levels.

Mission: BYIFL intends to fulfill this vision by:

  •  Empowering youth to participate in local issues and sustainable and inter generational partnership
  • Advocating for young people’s right to SRHR and its issues


  • To engage young people through awareness program related to sexual and reproductive health & rights and its components
  • To provide common platform for young people, discourses and innovation
  • To encourage and facilitate meaningful youth participation in decision making
  • To promote SRHR and advocate for safe abortion
  • To dedicate its works working with marginalized community
  • To promote Home Made Sanitary pads and train young people regarding it

Working area: BYIFL basically based in Bhaktapur City of Kathmandu Valley. But it has partnered with other NGO and INGOs and worked out of the Kathmandu valley as well.

BYIF believes that sexuality is a core dimension of being human, and for sustainable development, women and girls must have the freedom, the power, and the support to demand and access their sexual and reproductive rights. They must be able to take and give consent to, decisions around their bodies and lives. Such as choose when and whom to have sex with, decide if and with whom to get married, choose when and if to have children, or determine when and what health and other information and services they require and access them. They must not face violence, discrimination, or exclusion because of the choices they make.

BYIF works to empower women and girls to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexuality by providing them information and training on various issues related to their SRHR.

Adolescent girls throughout the world are denied the fundamental right to control their bodies and sexual choices, free of violence and discrimination. The social and economic consequences for individuals and communities are enormous. BYIF gives young people a platform to use there choices, educate them about their rights and bodies, give them opportunities to practice their basic skills that they need to be empowered in their sexual and reproductive lives.


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