Dil Bhusan Pathak: A Prochoice


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Dil Bhusan Pathak is Nepal’s well known journalist and filmmaker. He formerly worked with the Kantipur Television Network as a news anchor and coordinator. He is the host of the sociopolitical talk show Tough Talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak on news 24 Television. He was among the first Nepalese journalists to report on the Maoist conflict that escalated in the late nineties. He was awarded the Best Journalist of the Year Award in 2005 for his journalistic contributions made during the conflict-era Nepal. In 2009, Dil Bhusan Pathak’s documentary Peace Song was the first runner up of the World TV Award for best Documentary “Contributing to Conflict Resolution”. He is also a founder of Interface Nepal which promotes arts and rights through media. Interface is based on Kathmandu and is a versatile organization which is committed to produce and promote thought provoking, entertaining and engaging work of art. News programs on television are mostly boring unless news presenter shows their talent to present news into interesting one. Dil Bhusan Pathak, I guess is one of the first news presenter who has his own style and woes many viewers of different age group. People’s interest on watching news program increased tremendously after Dil Bhusan Pathak presented news in Kantipur Television. His fan following increase with his commercial advertisement on Ambe Cement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyW9mMsyOXI let’s get into the point. Dil Bhusan Pathak is a well known celebrity but I got to know about him when I watched much acclaimed documentary on unsafe abortion entiltled “News room bahira”/ “Exploring Beyond Screen”.  He is the first and only one news presenter who actual dare to go beyond the screen and research on how “Sushila Jaisi” died due to unsafe techniques for abortion.

Dil Bhusan Pathak would like to call himself a prochoice as he believes “Abortion is a Human Right and every women has right to decide on whether or not continue her pregnancy.”

The video is uploaded in Interface Nepal website. The documentary talks about access and service to safe abortion. As I have been mentioning time and again in most of my blog posts that Abortion has been legalized in Nepal since 2002 but the implementation part of government and NGOs or INGOs working in the field of Women’s health have been lagging behind in providing women’s its right to health. In context of Nepal, although abortion has been legalized only few people have information and access to the service. It is even miserable if we go to rural area of Nepal. Government of Nepal while providing service and access to safe abortion has reached to Health posts and Sub Health posts but abortion is still stigmatized in rural community. Rural community members still believe in traditional ways to terminate their pregnancy and practice harmful techniques as mentioned in documentary to get rid of their unintended pregnancy as abortion is still a taboo in Nepal.

Exploring beyond screen: A television anchor’s pursuit of the news story off-screen: Case of Sushila Jaisi, Accham of rape, brutal abortion and death, 2005. 
– Screened in Ruben Museum, New York, USA, 2008 
– Screened in John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA 2007 
– Screened in Tufts University, Boston, USA, 2007 
– Screened in School for International Training (SIT) Brattleboro, USA, 2007 
– Screened in Open Center, New York, USA, 2007 
– Screened in the Himalaya Film Festival in THE NETHERLANDS and Himalayan Experience, PARIS, 2005. 


2 thoughts on “Dil Bhusan Pathak: A Prochoice

  1. Well! I am getting more and more information regarding abortion… I mean safe abortion from your blog. I always follow it. This blog is quite impressive as you have mentioned about “Unsafe abortion documentary”. I have watched it through interface Nepal website. Thank you so much to you and Dil Bhusanji for making the documentary and highlighting the real scenario of Nepali women and their issues. Unsafe abortion is still in practice in Nepal. Nepali women in rural areas are vulnerable and in high risk……….
    Thank you so much

    • Dear Devi,

      Thank you so much for following my blog. I will let Dil Bhusan Sir know about your appreciation. Keeping following my blog and also keep giving me feedback. I really appreciate…..

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