Fertility Dance in Peer Education

“Fertility Dance” is not a type of any dance form. It is a session on Peer Education Training. It is all about anatomy, pregnancy and contraception. A large Female Reproductive Organs diagram is drawn on the floor indicating at least: Vagina, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian tubes and Ovaries. Participants are invited to play an egg, penis and sperms. Then scenarios for intercourse and conception is enacted, showing clearly how pregnancy occurs. Likewise participants are invited to take the role of Condom, Hormonal Contraceptives and IUD. The participants enact the scenarios condom, hormonal contraceptive and IUD, showing clearly how each contraceptive method prevents pregnancy differently. During the session emphasis is given to the importance of using contraception accurately and consistently to prevent pregnancy. Even highlight that only condoms or abstinence prevents HIV and STIs.

Fertility Dance is quite popular among young peer educators. The pictures above show peer leaders facilitating Fertility Dance for other young peer educators. Peer leaders have shared that fertility dance is the best activity which revise the whole content of SRHR and gives perfect picture how pregnancy occurs and contraception works. It is fun to be involved in the activity which also remove the shyness to spell the words like: vagina, penis and sperms in loud among other people.


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