Gender roles and Devaluation

These are the pictures of women I took during my travel to Rupandehi to Kailai districts of Nepal. The real scenario of Nepalese women. I asked only one question to each of the women: “What do you do?” Innocently all of the women replied “nothing”. Do you believe this? The pictures itself talk and explain what they really do daily and for their livelihood. It is true a woman is not recognized for her work whether its cooking for family, looking after her children, rearing animals, collecting fodders and woods, cutting grass, etc. Women are not valued for the multiple roles as they juggle as farmers, resource managers, caregivers and homemakers.

As per the United Nation Population Fund, women work longer hours than men, in almost every country, but are usually paid less and are more likely to live in poverty. I could feel internalization among women when they themselves say “I do nothing”. This applies in agriculture as well, where gendered roles imply that women perform almost all aspects of farming and post harvest activities but receive little recognition for their efforts. In Nepal women are represented as a key food producers and biodiversity managers but yet their labor remains invisible and unrecognized in their own communities. The political leaders and policy makers should take a serious step to recognize women’s gender role to national system of accounting. They should address this gender bias in agriculture and mentor women farmers as well.


One thought on “Gender roles and Devaluation

  1. Its not been a long time….. when ever some one ask or i fill a form to answer – what does your mother do?.. i would quickly say or write NOTHING.. she is a HOUSE WIFE, i really did not knew whats that – a house wife and how come my mom does nothing…..she is busy all day long. If she is doing nothing then why she should be with us watching TV with me as i remember when i don’t have anything to do or i do NOTHING…i go to watch TV. If in those day she would really be doing nothing……then my father, my sis my bro and me would not be able to do ANYTHING …then and now…. Thanks SHreejana for this blog….. all of us need to know the real meaning of nothing now.

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