Being Facilitator in SBCC Learning Lab

SBCC learning lab has been one of my most memorable workshops with the best facilitators we could ever have. I really appreciate the effort the facilitators have been putting to make the workshop participatory.
Well I also got chance to showcase a bit of my facilitation skill today with Mukta Shah and Tej sir. We facilitated the session on Appreciative Inquiry. In the session we used Appreciative Inquiry as a process and Community Dialogue as a tool. In my personal experience I have facilitated many Focus Group Discussions among young people in my working areas. I was involved in the Siutation Assessment that Ipas did in Rupandehi for Rupandehi youth program. But I have never experience facilitating CDMs.
Today I got chance to facilitate CDM among the participants of SBCC LL. Well I realized that it’s quite different from FGD. Yes!! Some guiding questions are prepared to hold on the discussion. In CDMs both right holder and duty bearer can participate to generate evidence based finding and the technique always goes deeper to find the root cause using 5 WAYs. Here the community people facilitate the whole discussion by themselves which gives the view point of right holders which make sense of what community actually feel. Also it does not need any experts.
I and Mukta di set up an environment where participants got chance to think back about their community. We talked about positive things in the community and success community based activity. We went deeper by asking who were involved in community based activity and reasons to its success.
On asking the participants whether they have ever used CDMs in their existing works few shared that they are using this tool in mother’s group meetings and FCHV meetings but never gone so deep. The reaction for the activity was CDMs is good tool to use in community but it might take hours and hours. it’s difficult to use practically as there will be 20-30 community people at the time, some shared the activity generate energy on them and thinking to apply in their works, etc.
At the end of the session, I myself developed confident to conduct CDMs among our peer educators in meetings. I am surely going to use this as effective tools. What I learnt is we must set up group rules to speak one at a time and being good listeners when other are speaking. If we add this, CDMs is wonderful tool.


One thought on “Being Facilitator in SBCC Learning Lab

  1. My dear Kumari, reading these posts about your experience at the SBCC Learning Lab bring so much joy to my heart. I realized something during this event, and that is this: YOU are the reason “I do the work I do”!

    Thank you for sharing with others, your knowledge about Mother Mind, 360 degree response, human rights based approaches, CDM, etc. You are truly an inspiration to me!

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