Warrior Mind Vs Mother Mind

The second day of SBCC was learning lab which compromised with many learning sessions. The morning session was a surprise to me as my facilitator announced that my first blog is going to be published in Luna, official site of Ipas and I am first one who blogged about SBCC learning lab. To my excitement I am appreciated for my work and dedication and I got a gift. Hurray!!

Then there was a brainstorming activity where we were asked to communicated with our pair regarding “Why do you do the work you do?”. The session followed by “Social Norms” discussion where we were shown a short clip by Soul City Social Norm Values.

This clip highlights more about SBCC. As I have talked in my previous blog that the change should start within yourself before you expect other to change. In our society domestic violence happens in private areas where community members would like to help they can not able to do anything and even victims in these situations remain silent. But in this video, the lady took step to discussion her problem openly in public area where community members in turn use unique technique to protest domestic violence.

What stood out most for me in today session is “Warrior mind vs Mother Mind”. This is actually new terms for me. Never heard before but have enacted the meaning of terms. Warrior mind means logical thinking. It’s actually mathematics which has always direct or straight answer like 2+2=4. It sees the problem in only one dimension. I mean it’s either on from top to bottom or vice versa but never accept to be left to right. Here I mean SBCC is horizontal approach to change behavior. Mother mind means thinking in

full spectrum response 360 degree entails requires sourcing from personal core values, designing for system change/shift and so to achieve technical improvements.

Analyzing problem from up, down, sideways and all ways is what we forget to do always. So we should identity our change behavior within the context. We cannot isolate only women to identify the problem and search for solutions. We have to look after the factor affecting her including duty bearers and right holders.

Here is a small clip which will make it clearer.

The stood up line from the video is “Women think from their pelvic area where children grow up”

So for social and behavior change communication we should have open mind. In situation given we are right holder as well as duty bear too. A full spectrum is responsible to our right holder and we should learn to solve the problem without personal values which are non-negotiable and look at the system not only individual.


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