Social and Behavior Change communication Learning Lab

SBCC learning lab

SBCC learning lab

I prefer learning to be always fun. So here I am in Social and Behavior Change Communication Learning lab organized by Ipas in Nepal. In this workshop the learning is through communication. I have heard of IEC and BCC. Still now I am working in IEC and BCC approaches in the community with young people. Social and Behavior Change communication is totally new for me.
Well communication is what I have heard frequently and I do communicate with people. How communication changes someone’s behavior?? Am I responsible to change social behavior of anyone?? Emm.. Yes!! I am a sexual and reproductive health and right activist working as youth consultant in Ipas Nepal. I work in the community with more than 1500 peer educators in one district. By this way I am a Duty bearer and my peer educators are right holders. It’s my sincere responsibility to deliver accurate information regarding SRHR to them and also to motivate then to have safe life ahead. That’s why I am interested in SBCC learning lab.
Before being part of this lab I used to wonder why the peer educators are not using the materials on SRHR that have been provided to them. I supposed them to change their behaviors for healthy SRHR immediate they are informed or given sessions on SRHR once they return to their VDCs. Now I realize that I am being Hitler and thinking only about the project outcomes in only one direction. Here what I am lacking effective communication through right based approaches. The major gap is I rarely have interpersonal communication with then and identify need assessment.
In first day of learning lab, I got to know about myself. I am change agent and change should take place within me before I expect my peer educators to transform their behaviors. As someone mentioned in the training, “Epic center of earthquake” so I should stand out as inspiration to others.

Objectives of SBCC learning lab

Objectives of SBCC learning lab

SBCC is more about interaction. It deals with interpersonal communication. Change is dynamic but behavior change is steady as it is influenced by many factors like knowledge, information, attitude, self- efficacy access, norms, socio-cultural values, etc. Therefore SBCC enables a two way communication leading to dialogues with right based approaches. This leads to access and respect each other rights where communities are driven into participatory approach and take decisions that related to their behavior change.
Therefore SBCC helps to advocate from grass root level to policy makers by building a supportive political and social commitment for behavior change. It’s all about social mobilization to engage community people/ leaders to influence or support identified behavior changes. Lastly SBCC refers to behavior change communication from individual people to mass of people.

Well the facilitators for this learning lab are from Ipas North Carolina. They are experts in SBCC. I am learning many things regarding SBCC: Definition, Techniques and tools. More impressive is how they facilitate each session with new ideas. As I also facilitate workshops and training for young people I am surely gonna take away with me the facilitation skills as well. I am really Happy to be part of this SBCC Learning Lab.


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