Street Drama: “Bhool”

Well yesterday was International Youth Day, 2013 and the IYD theme this year is Youth Migration: Moving development Ahead. On this occasion a street drama entitled “Bhool” meaning “Mistake” was demonstrated by a youth led organization, Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum. 


Holding banner

The story revolves around safe abortion and consequences of unsafe abortion in women health and overall development. It showed how peer pressure may lead to risk behaviors among young people. It gave message on legal condition of safe abortion in Nepal. Also information to identify the safe and legalized service sites for safe abortion. It highlighted the role of Peer Educators communication accurate information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. 

The street drama is a powerful and entertaining form of communication, and it can be used informally without the need for an indoor stage or theater. Cheers to the performance and a lot of applause for the success deliver of wonderful message “Safe abortion is a human right.”


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